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Discussion 1 to A Miscellany 97
On Christian Bashing

by JT

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I suppose, as Christian-bashing goes, I'm the guilty one. And Muslim-bashing too. Even if I didn't write it, I published it. And it could be said I continue to do so in today's update with A Miscellany 99 - Westboro Interview and Reflection 56 - Slippery slope family values.

But who am I bashing? Not the vast majority of Christians who choose to quietly live their own lives in accordance with their interpretation of Christ's teachings. Rather in both cases, we are looking at those who want to impose their own interpretations on everyone else.

Coincidently, both involve gay rights, which in spite of my own strictly hetero orientation, I strongly support. But you won't see me criticizing the Dalai Lama for his extremely rigid views on this issue - because he only preaches to his own followers that homosexuality is a sin - it's not something that he tries to impose on everyone else.

I can't guarantee that I'll consistently manage to maintain the distinction of differentiating between those who keep the dictates of their religion within the bounds of that religion, and those who demand others obey their rules. But I do try.