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A Miscellany 60
I was looking for something to take to work

by Theresa

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I am so glad to have found this site!

I was just looking for something to take to work because we have a coworker there who at this time of year likes to pass around literature about why Halloween is evil. So I thought I could find something to pass around too! Seems to me if its OK for her to, it should be OK for us. We like to make sure other beliefs (she deems to be cults or heathens) get their two cents in also.

I am a heathen. I am agnostic on the verge of atheist, I say I'm atheist when asked because I got tired of explaining to others EXACTLY what agnostic means . Anyhow. She annoys others with scripture and disapproval of anything secular (normal). She has gotten rid of or just hid videos (Harry Potter) we play for our patients, she thinks they are evil. In response we won't let her play the Prince of Egypt movie anymore. Just a small example of our pain in the butt.

I have now sent this web site to all my like minded and sane coworkers and friends, so thank you thank you thank you soooooo much for this site and I will be going out to buy the book listed here!

If you have any advice I can use to give to my employer to help keep some of her actions at a minimum I think I would bear your child or just pretend to try!