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A Miscellany 23
How could it all just have "happened"?

by Randy H.

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Thanks for taking the time to examine so many of those puzzling things that confound the minds of what must be a great many people on a daily basis. While I do appreciate your ideas and opinions there still resides within my mind a simple, but perplexing question. Could all this stuff (elements of the universe as we know it) have just "happened?"

Well, frankly I don't know and, what is more, I have to this day never met anyone, heard anyone, seen anyone, or anything that provided me with any rational answer to this question. Many seem to "know," but on close examination . . . they know no more than I do. Still I do wonder how "something" could possibly come from "nothing," but then where did that "something" come from?

Be kind, thoughtful, and as generous to others as possible. I find comfort in trying my best to do these things . . . the rest . . . well I, like you, will just have to allow time to reveal, if it does, the truth of the matter.

All the best to you and your efforts.