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A Miscellany 17
I see that my true calling is to be an Apathetic Agnostic.

by Brooke L.

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....from comments in an Application for Ordination

All right I'll admit it: I did originally form this idea after watching this week's new episode of The Simpsons. Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy my TV show as my Mother and Father were screeching in the background over my Father's schedule. Between his long hours as a truck driver and the countless time he spends at a local charismatic Christian church, my Mother and I are left with very little. So I waddled into the computer room, announced my complete dissatisfaction with my beloved cartoon show and how it was their doing, then turned to my Father and said, "So I've decided to become an ordained minister and preside over gay marriages. Up! Outta my chair!"

Obviously the Church of Life smacked into me first, but I happened on a link to your website by chance; read a few articles and meditations, giggled and basked in awe, then announced to my cat, "I'm changing religions! . . . Again!"

Contrary to what you may think, this isn’t a vendetta against my Dad. I love him madly – annoyingly religious or not. I love him because he’s a good person and just an all around spectacular human being, even if at times I say otherwise. But I was dragged to Church before I could even speak, and although that tradition did die long ago I witnessed enough about Christianity to know there were vast gaps in the preachings they taught me.

I chose to learn about other religions and peruse the history books only to come to the grim conclusion that unfortunately religion seems to be the overall weapon of mass destruction. I pronounced myself a Buddhist for a time as they seemed to be rather lenient and accepting of half-assed attempts, but now (or at least for the next five minutes) I see that my true calling is to be an Apathetic Agnostic.