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Discussion 1 to a A Miscellany 10
Not Knowing and Not Caring

by Linda Eyambe

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I think I finally get it...

Phil wrote:

"I'm still not convinced that you are apathetic about being agnostic".

From what I understand, that's inaccurate. He is not apathetic about being agnostic; i.e. he cares about the fact that he is agnostic. What he is apathetic about is whether God exists or not. Two different concepts. He is apathetic about what he is agnostic about -- the existence of God.

What this means is that, in this website we can discuss how religion has affected us, how we live our lives, the craziness of certain beliefs (my opinion), why we doubt God's existence. All which discuss our agnosticism, but as to the question: Is there REALLY a God? I don't know and I don't care.

Apathetic Agnostic.

But if I do engage in a discussion whether God exists or not for the sake of debate ... the discussion would probably end like this: "oh well, so what, we'll never know" (or I'd be thinking it at the back of my mind).

I couldn't care less what The Truth really is since there is no obvious way to find it. Does that mean I can't talk about it? No.

Hence the term Apathetic Agnostic.

I may be completely wrong but that is how I see it.