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Meditation 1268
Protecting unchanging religious Truths

by: John Tyrrell

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IFL Science published a short article* yesterday about a hypothesis that the original intention of the Genesis tale of Eve’s origin is that she was created out of Adam’s penis bone, and not his rib.

Given the intimate involvement of the penis in human reproduction, it makes a lot of sense that the original storytellers might indeed have told the tale this way. And it serves as a mythical explanation as to why man, unlike many other male mammals, lacks such a bone.

Mammalian penis bones

The use of a rib always struck me as a quite strange choice by a deity.

The point of the article was that this reasonable hypothesis outraged some believers. One was reported to have responded with:

"That is plainly not a Bible teaching. I do not need and will not read articles that damage my faith or attempts to cause me to doubt what I know is the truth from the Bible."

Right! "I already know the Truth! Don't you dare challenge it."

As a contrast, let's look at the flip side of this particular thought process.

A little over a week ago, Ancient Origins published an article** on the discover of a 1600 year old Hebrew inscription in an old settlement on the shores of Lake Galilee. The unnamed author went on to suggest that this settlement might be "Land of the Gederenes" where Jesus supposedly cast demons out of a person and into a herd of swine.

And then, in a great logical leap, the title of the article is written to suggest that somehow the 1600 year old inscription, most of which has yet to be deciphered, might be evidence that the miracle occurred 400 years earlier.

You know, if you visit Dublin, you will find several plaques commemorating James Joyce's novel Ulysses, all made quite a few years after the 16 June 1904 setting of the novel. One would hope that should one of these plaques be recovered by archaeologists a thousand years or so from now. that no-one uses that discovery to proclaim the events of Joyce's Ulysses were real.

But, in the case of the Kursi discovery we see just that - the unwarranted suggestion that a 1600 year old inscription supports a Truth already known about a 2,000 year old. And it does no such thing.

So between the two articles (linked in the footnotes0 we see the thinking process of true believers - don't challenge my Truth - and let me grab any baseless argument I can to support my Truth.



* New Theory On Adam’s Penis Causes Outrage -- by Tom Hale

** Does First-of-its-Kind Hebrew Inscription give Evidence for New Testament Account of Jesus Miracles?


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