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A Note on Meditation 1222

by: JT

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  1. Yes it's a fake news release.
  2. "This is the news release that was sent to the national media and has been slightly adapted for the web." seems to be standard boilerplate used by AiG when it publishes its press releases.
  3. The "Donate" page is a somewhat amended version of the current "Donate" page for Ark Encounter.
  4. As best as I can determine, Ham and AiG hold to the view that humans and dinosaurs co-existed from biblical creation until some time after the biblical flood.
  5. Ham, AiG, and Ark Encounter do apply for government funding / incentives to support their endeavours.
  6. Ham, AiG, and Ark Encounter do threaten to sue if their applications for government funding or incentives are rejected.
  7. Should Ham, AiG, and Ark Encounter ever decide to clone dinosaurs, I apologize in advance for putting the idea into their silly minds.


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