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Meditation 1208
Miracle from a heartless god

by: John Tyrrell

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I ran across a two year old news story reporting the discovery of a "miracle Bible."

A couple trying to recover anything of value from their home which had been destroyed in a tornado came across a bible buried in the rubble. It did not belong to them.

They took a fair bit of trouble to track down the original owner to return the book. It turned out to be a woman who had been killed by the tornado.

In an interview, the woman's pastor said:

"An EF5 tornado comes and takes this tree out, but the hand of God preserves that Bible under that tree. This tornado that should have taken it and ripped it into a million pieces, instead, here it is perfectly preserved. " [emphasis added]

He went on to say he believed it to be a genuine miracle as it gave the woman's family something to remember her by.

The tornado killed the bible's owner and spared her Bible - and that's considered a miracle?

Surely rather than a Bible to remember her by, the family would have preferred a healthy living breathing woman creating more memories. But still - call it a miracle. It just demonstrates how merciless and heartless the god they believe in must be.


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