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Meditation 1133
The Hole

by: Karl Southward

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Evangelical religions, especially Christianity, have an "elephant in the room" that few steeped in that religion can see.  It is a big hole.  It is possibly not seen because those converts live in it, and it is so large they cannot see the boundaries.  Not seen also because they are conditioned to not challenge or doubt the basics of their religion under penalty of eternal damnation in Hell.

What or where is this huge hole?  First let's look at some basics believed by the majority of Christians:

Jesus died to save mankind from their sins.

This was approximately 2,000 years ago.

Belief in Jesus is necessary for entrance into Heaven following mortal death, and most believe that adherence to his teachings is also required.  True believers will be saved.  Most believe this means they are saved from eternal damnation in Hell.

Jesus is the son of God.

Jesus issued "The Great Commission" to tell this story to the world.

Christianity is for all mankind.

God is all powerful and all knowing.  He is prescient.



After 2,000 years over half the world's population has not heard the Christian message.  Millions, even billions, of people have lived and died without hearing.  What is to become of those souls?  They are not "saved"!

What conclusions can we draw from this?  I think the following are obvious, but I have not seen this issue so bluntly stated or seriously discussed.

Choice of conclusions:

God through Jesus designed a horribly inept and ineffective information distribution system.

God is not prescient.

God does not care.

Jesus was not a deity.

God has another secret plan not shared with us.

Christianity is a hoax.

There is no personal god!


I've yet to see a reasonable "apologetic" response!

Please do not respond that God had a great plan and man screwed it up.  That gets us back to item number two.

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