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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1043
Islamic proselytizing on a plane

by: JT

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Another tall tale of proselytizing on an airplane is being circulated in discussion groups, this one by Muslims thinking they can convert non-believers with a silly argument.

As soon as I sat on my seat in the plane and put on my seat belt, a European looking man sat next to me.

The plane took off, and I felt that the man wants to talk to me, I know lots of Europeans eager to know Arabs culture, tradition and Islam as it is a strange and unknown religion to them. Unfortunately they always accuse Islam with the mistakes made by Muslims which is a great mistake in my Opinion.

I began to break the ice by saying: Hello where are you from?

He said: Belgium.

I said: was it your first visit to Egypt?

He said: Yes, I was on a business trip and I enjoyed a lot while being there.

I said: that’s wonderful!

Then the plane got through a severe air-trap. I saw the fear in his face, I asked: were you afraid of the air trap?

He replied: of course, how can I not be afraid? It's out of the pilot's control.

I said: I wasn't. Because I'm relying on Allah and I know He will protect me.

He said: I don't believe in God's existence.

I said: So you have the right to be afraid, because you didn't know God. But believe me if you know Him you'll live in comfort.

He said: there's no evidence of his existence

I said: Everything around you is an evidence, your body formation, your mind, and your soul.

He said: I only believe in science.

I said: you believe in science which led to the creation of this plane, but at the same time you fear it.

He replied: I'm afraid of what is outside the plane, but I trust the captain and the security system.

I said: This is the biggest proof for the existence of God the creator of all things.

He asked: How?

I said: you're assure because the plane is perfectly made, yet you don't believe that God has created the universe and its planning, velocity, the precise rotation of day and night neither delayed nor advancing one minute.

You're content because the captain has great skills otherwise the plane would surely fall, yet you don't believe that there is God who controls the speed of the planets, the galaxies, the stars, and the whole universe, and maintains them from collapsing and chaos.

If the plane was on the autopilot system, that's because it was made by an intelligent programmer otherwise the plane would never Fly automatically. Yet you don't believe in the creator of the very detailed information that is in our bodies, and the complicated design which transport the info within the organisms, and without it the organs cannot move or work. I recommend you to read about the DNA and the transportation of the information inside the human body.

If you're content about these things and you left everything around you, this will never lead you to the truth.

I said: I'm an engineer. The laws of thermodynamics which runs the entire universe says that any process without control devolve into chaos.

The plane doesn't fall or collide thanks to some computer program, smart design, and trained captain. These are the control team.

Out of Life Time, Life and universe will never fall in because of the great creator who created the information that is transported inside the living creatures otherwise organs wouldn't do their jobs the same for the universe with its amazing planning, velocity, and continuous expanding, and the soul which makes you alive after you were a dead body.

And intelligently designed creatures to live, multiply, and defend it.

Glory is due to Allah the creator

Eventually, The atheist didn't reply, thinking silently.

Even though the entire exchange is a figment of the writer's imagination, it does have a spark of reality - it is almost always the believer who makes the unsolicited approach to the non-believer with an intent to convert, not the other way around.

It also illustrates one other thing about Islamic arguments for god - there is no originality. They unabashedly borrow their arguments from Christian arguments. And the argument from design no more justifies belief in the god of Islam than it does the god of Christianity.