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Meditation 1039
The Purpose of the Purpose of Life

by: John Tyrrell

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I was reading an article* about the meaning of life and getting thoroughly annoyed at the basic assumptions in the introduction, when the author quoted a purpose of life from the 17th century Westminster Standards (which went on to be the basis of Presbyterianism.)

Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

That's our purpose in life? What kind of deity is this that supposedly created us for the purpose of glorifying him? He's apparently desperate for a continous flow of compliments. It's difficult to imagine anything much more childish and pathetic.

The author is claiming that, in contrast to Christianity, under non-belief there is no meaning and no hope. Really - existing to glorify a loser of a god both in the present and for eternity - now that's an existence without any hope at all!

But it does point out the purpose of arguments that there is some higher purpose in life. To have a purpose of life provided for us necessitates that some entity had to provide it. Just as believers claim that creation necessitates a creator God, an external purpose of life necessitates a purpose-giving god.

The very concept incorporates the desired conclusion. The purpose of arguing for an externally imposed purpose of life rather than an individually determined personal purpose of life is to predetermine the conclusion that a deity exists.


* A Christian Argument for Purpose and Significance - Under Non-theism: There is No Lasting Purpose, No Ultimate Meaning, and No Hope by Mike Robinson


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