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Meditation 967
Pope Cartman XVI demands "Respect my authoritah!"

by: JT

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In this year's Good Friday Chrism Mass in which Catholic priests renew their vows, the Pope used his homily to denounce those priests who have publicly advocated ordination of women, ordination of married men, and allowing current clergy to marry. Instead, the Pope called for a “radicalism of obedience” meaning that dissident priests must respect papal authority on these issues.

And what has this Pope done that his authority should be respected?

He slavishly followed his predecessor's authority by participating in, indeed orchestrating the continuation of the long standing practice of covering up priestly child abuse. And even when he became Pope and could act on his own authority, he dithered and twiddled his thumbs for years. He blamed the culture of the '70s - and did nothing. He falsely claimed that child abuse was only recently recognized as a moral problem - and did nothing. Only when the public outcry became so great that he could not ignore it, did he act. And he did and continues to do the absolute minimum on this issue.

And this dithering Pope demands that his authority be respected.

At one point in his Papacy in an unguarded moment, the Pope suggested that condoms might indeed be acceptable to prevent the transmission of disease. Immediately this comment became public, he dithered and backtracked and corrected himself until the claim became that he had been talking about using a condom for homosexual sex with a male prostitute - which really represented no change at all as contraception is not an issue in this case.

And this dithering Pope demands that his authority be respected.

Then there's the case of Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², formerly the number two official in the government of the Vatican city-state. He earned a reputation as a financial reformer by cutting costs, employing centralized accounting, and imposing consequences for cost overruns. As a result, he made enemies in the thoroughly corrupt Vatican administration. ViganĂ² lobbied the Pope to be allowed to remain in his position to continue to clean up the corruption and cronyism. And once again, the Pope dithered and did nothing and finally ended up by following up on a a recommendation to transfer ViganĂ² to be Papal Nuncio in the USA. And the Pope continues to turn a blind eye to the corruption in his administration. Corruption is preferable to this Pope over the scandal of exposing corruption

And this corruption-accepting Pope demands that his authority be respected.

And let us not forget the Pope extending his welcoming arms to the Society of Pius X - a "traditional" Catholic organization founded specifically to reject the authority of every Pope since the Vatican II Council, an organization which incidently includes Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites.

And this dithering Pope is apparently OK with all that, and still he demands that his authority be respected.

The man has no credible authority to be respected.