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Meditation 964
If you ever read the Bible...

by: JT

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Back in November 2005 in a comment I chose not to respond to at the time, someone calling himself Moe wrote to tell us:

If you ever read the Bible, you would know all of the answers to those questions.

This week, Anthony writes: "What's the point of being agnostic?" And he referenced a creationist site which gets its answers from Moe's Bible. And those answers are flat out wrong. And one of the points of being agnostic is that we have freed ourselves from seeing scripture as Truth.

"Read the Bible!" I'm sure we've all heard that from someone or another, as if the Bible solves all the problems of life, the universe, and everything. And it does not. I would argue that reading the Bible, and accepting what it says at face value, adds to the problems of life rather than providing answers.

I think that those who advise "Read the Bible" as some kind of solution are those who have not really read and understood the Bible. Oh they may have puzzled over it, they may have memorized select passages, they may have spent hours every Wednesday night in their church's Bible study group hashing over how to interpret various passages in light of their particular church's doctrine. They may even have learned a smattering of ancient Greek and Aramaic* so as to understand the fine nuances of particular words so as to argue, perhaps, that Deuteronomy 21:18-21 doesn't really require you to kill a naughty son.

But they have not read it asking the question "Is there any good reason I should really take these words as absolute Truth?" And the answer to that question is not in the Bible, except through circular reasoning.

Anyone who claims the Bible contains all the answers does not understand the Bible. And the same goes for any other so-called holy text.


* One of the advantages of joining the LDS is that there is no expectation members will have to learn Egyptian hieroglyphics to better understand their scripture. Somehow the original text of the Book of Mormon got lost.