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Meditation 927
You say your God is like what?

by: JT

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Driving down Highway 101 in Washington last week I saw a church sign.*



I've long considered Coke's slogan, "It's the real thing" to be about as empty of meaning as an advertising slogan can get. Thus it seems quite appropriate to apply it to a deity. And not in the positive sense the church intended.

But I started wondering in what other ways is God like Coca Cola.

Well Coca Cola originally actually contained cocaine - and there is a school of thought that the Judeo-Christian God originated out of the consumption of a kind of mushroom which caused hallucinations.

Coca Cola today is little more than diluted sugar syrup, a good description of many forms of contemporary Christianity.

Consuming too much Coca Cola is unhealthy - the same applies to God.

Coca Cola seems to reinvent itself every generation with new formulas and new flavours - so does God.

Coca Cola is heavily marketed - so is God.

You really have no need for Coca Cola in your life - just as you really have no need for a God.

Yes, the church sign pretty nearly had it right in claiming God is like Coca Cola - except we do know Coca Cola exists.


* Sorry, but it was not possible to take a picture due to speed and the impossibility of pulling off the road.