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Meditation 925
Once again, the Pope blames moral relativism

by: JT

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Over the weekend, the Pope decided to let the world know the cause of the recent riots in the UK. It is, of course, according to the Pope, his favorite whipping boy - moral relativism.

The Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church should know. His Church is the world expert in moral relativism, both in the actual practice of moral relativism and in hurling accusations of moral relativism at others.

In all probability, not a day has passed since the founding of the Church when moral relativism has not been practiced. In particular, I refer to the different moral standards demanded by the Church of its adherents, and the moral standards followed by the clergy and the Church hierarchy.

So if moral relativism was indeed the cause of the riots, then I can only conclude that they were the inevitable outcome of the Pope's visit to the UK last year. That's where the rioters learned their moral relativism.