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Meditation 906
Animal abusing, child abusing rabbinical judges.

by: JT

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There's a news story* out of Israel about an ultra-Orthodox rabbinical court which has sentenced a stray dog to death by stoning, and they have ordered neighborhood children to carry out the court's judgement.

Apparently, about twenty years ago, a lawyer insulted one or more members of the court. As a punishment, the court formally cursed him by sentencing his soul to enter the body of a dog.

Quite a few years later, the lawyer died - and you would think the court would have regarded the issue as over. But no - this isn't an ordinary court - it's a religious court made up of superstitious and foolish men whose knowledge of the world has not progressed from the bronze age when their myths were converted into holy text. They can never forget nor forgive an insult.

A stray dog showed up in the neighborhood. Immediately the court concluded that this dog contained the soul of the lawyer. And the only solution this court of jackasses could come up with was to sentence the dog to death by stoning, and to order neighborhood children to carry out the deed.

It seems Solomon's genes did not make it into the current generation of rabbis.

So much for clergy as arbiters of morality. One judgement encompassing both animal abuse and child abuse, a judgement based only on ignorance and superstition.

Religious courts by their very nature have no concept of justice. Everywhere they exist, they bow down to primitive superstition. They have no place in a civil society.



* BBC - Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'
Yahoo News - Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning