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Meditation 888
Should we burn that guilty book?

by: JT

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Last Sunday, Pastor Terry Jones who had earlier vowed to burn a pile of Qurans on his invented International Burn a Quran Day, burned a Quran. When it was pointed out that in the furor over his earlier threat, he had promised not to set the Muslim Holy Book on fire, he stated his promise had only applied to International Burn a Quran Day and this particular burning took place on International Judge the Quran Day.

Can you spell weasel?

Apparently Jones had staged a trial at his church, the Dove World Outreach Center, on whether or not the Quran promoted violence. Jones acted as Judge, and - surprise! - found the Quran guilty. So obviously, the only thing to do to protect the world from this violence-promoting-book was to burn one single copy.

Whew! Don't we all feel so much safer now.

Interestingly, Jones has not yet put the Holy Bible on trial, nor does he apparently plan to. I wonder if he has even read it. So, to carry on where he left off:

Need I go on? OK - just one more...

Should we burn this horrible book? No, I'm against book burning on principle. But if you happen to be driving past the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida with a spare Bible in your car...