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Meditation 887
The Day of St Patrick

by: JT

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Not being aware of any Irish background that I may have, and not needing any additional excuse to drink, I once again let St. Patrick's Day slip past unobserved. I have no objection to others celebrating - unlike so many other Catholic-based holidays, St Patrick's Day has no pagan origin and it is only fitting that it be appropriated for a Bacchanalia.

But I wonder why the Irish celebrate the day.

I do understand why the Catholic Church in Ireland celebrates the day; after all St. Patrick brought the Irish into the fold.

But why would the Irish celebrate it as their National day?

They are celebrating a foreigner - most likely a Brit - who sold them on a foreign (Roman) religion with a foreign (Middle Eastern) god, supplanting perfectly serviceable Irish deities. And they have been under the thumb of that foreign religion ever since; a religion which possibly more than any other national Catholic Church slavishly follows the dictates of Rome. What's to celebrate?

It's not as if the Catholic Church was a stalwart leader in the fight for Irish nationhood, standing up for the Irish people in the face of English colonialism. Hell no - they took whichever side which gave them a momentary benefit. Did they stand up for the too numerous poor of Ireland? Hell no - they were amongst the oppressors, keeping the poor in their place. And in recent years, the Irish have suffered possibly the highest per capita rate of child abuse by Roman Catholic clergy; priests, monks, and nuns - they've all had a go at the children. Not only that, through the infamous Congregation of the Christian Brothers, the Catholic church blackened the name of Ireland by exporting wholesale child abuse worldwide through Christian Brother operated schools.

All this can be laid at the feet of St. Patrick, founder of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

It should be noted that St. Patrick first arrived in Ireland as a slave. He subsequently escaped slavery and returned to Ireland to convert the Irish. There is no record this former slave ever preached against the evil of slavery.

Why would the Irish celebrate this particular man? They have no lack of real heroes to celebrate.


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