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Discussion 1 to Meditation 874
The Pope Lectures Italy on Morality

by: JT

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Following up on Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone's comments on the morality of Italy's leading politicians, the Pope decided to add his comments the very next day.

He made his comments addressing a conference of police chiefs meeting in Rome. Unsurprisingly, though it would have been the perfect forum, he made no mention of the need for co-operation between Catholic bishops and the police to bring about timely and just investigations of child-abuse allegations against clergy. Rather, he emphasized the need for morality in public officials who are members of the laity. By clearly stating "lay status" he excluded clergy in his call for morality. He said:

Society and public institutions must rediscover their soul, their moral and spiritual roots.

The singular vocation that the city of Rome requires today of you, who are public officials, is to offer a good example of the positive and useful interaction between a healthy lay status and the Christian faith.

Bullcrap! Their vocation has nothing to do with any interaction with Christian faith. What is required of public officials is that they do their jobs honestly and completely, and favour no-one based on their religion, or lack thereof.

I'm not saying there aren't serious problems of corruption among a good number of public officials and politicians in Italy. It is a problem that has existed as long as there have been public officials and politicians in Italy. It is also a problem the clergy of the Catholic Church have been full and willing participants in profiting in.

Who is the Pope to lecture police chiefs on morality, especially when he does not address the in-house problem?

As of today, one more day has gone by without the Pope fulfilling his promise for a new policy on dealing with child abuse.