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Meditation 821
Coming Soon...

by: Rev. Kristine Robinson

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Playing on a Facebook application the other day, I realised that it had been showing the same “Coming Soon” notification for a number of months.  At some point the developers had said to each other, “This is a great idea, we should implement it,” implemented half of it and put a “Coming Soon” notification on the rest. 

My question to my partner, who happens to be in IT, was “Why would they do this?”  Wouldn't it make more sense simply to not tell us there was more coming, then when it does happen we'll all be surprised and amazed, and immediately love it.  Instead, what they get is a heap of people sitting on the edge of their seats getting more and more angsty and pissed off, awaiting this thing that they've been promised.  There's no time frame given, it's just “Coming Soon”.

His reply was that it's not an IT thing, it's a marketing thing.  They have an idea, they think it's cool, they think they should definitely slate that for development, so let's tell everyone about it before finishing it. 

I think this is what's happened to Christianity.  They've all been told that Jesus will be back, Terminator style, and they're all getting to the point where everyone is sick of waiting for the second coming.  Sure, he's “coming soon,” but the marketing material (A.K.A. Bible) didn't actually give a specific release date.  It's been over 2000 years now, I'd be thinking the developers have decided on a different direction.  They've put aside Earth 1.0 quite a way back, and they're almost finished Earth Vista.  There's no update on Earth 1.0 coming, it's obsolete technology.

But there are still those people holding onto the outdated marketing material, figuring that because “soon” doesn't seem to have happened yet, “soon” must be just around the corner.  And some Mayan dude who might have heard something on the grapevine, who may have had info that they didn't, because he seemed to know a little more about some other stuff in the programming language and who might have an inside contact, said something about some day in 2012, so that must be the release date or something like it.  They'll grab at straws at this point in time. 

Of course, there's always the fact that the Mayan dude simply bothered to learn the programming language when he got his hands on Earth 1.0, and he was simply saying that this is how long the background sound loop will play before it reaches its start point again...