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Discussion 4 to Meditation 815
More Papal Dishonesty

by: JT

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The last time I wrote in this discussion thread about the Irish Catholic sex-abuse scandal I noted that the Pope had finally addressed Irish bishops on this issue and finally had reprimanded them for failing to act effectively over a period of years.

Now it turns out that the bishops were just following orders from the Vatican. Irish bishops were actually concerned about the child abuse issue and had developed a policy that included mandatory reporting of suspected abusers to the police. The policy was submitted to the Vatican for approval in 1996, and the Vatican responded in writing in 1997 that the bishops should handle sex-abuse crimes in accordance with existing policies and not involve civil authorities.[1]

And who was in charge back then? Pope John Paul II, who has been fast tracked for sainthood by the current Pope, and his head honcho Cardinal Ratzinger, the current Pope.

So we have Pope Benedict XVI criticizing the Irish bishops for a policy which he and Pope John Paul II were personally responsible for.

What a hypocrite!

I had thought Jeffrey Robertson's book[2] calling for the indictment of the Pope for human rights violations due to the sex-abuse issue might be a little over the top. Not any more. The man should be charged. He can reasonably be considered as part of a conspiracy to cover up the crimes.

And as noted last November, the Vatican has promised to come out with a new policy to address the issue. You'll see a similar promise was made in that 1997 letter[1]. Someday they might actually get around to it. Someday!


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  2. The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse by Jeffrey Robertson.