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Discussion 9 to Meditation 797
Part of the natural order.

by: Jonathan H. B. Lobl

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Mr. Marcellino is insisting that the second law of thermodynamics proves the existence of God; by proving that the Universe is a closed system. Where do I even begin?

We now know, courtesy of particle physics and Cosmology --various interesting things about the Universe. We know that empty space is not empty. Empty space itself is made up of tiny particles of space/time that have greater than zero mass. This means there is more mass in empty space, than there is in all the matter in the Universe.

This property of empty space is the "dark energy" which is forcing the Universe to speed up the expansion. The "dark energy" is a repulsive force making the space between the galaxies expand. When I say dark energy is repulsive, that is not a value judgement. It repels instead of attracts.

The repulsive force is forcing the Universe to expand with increasing speed. There is no known force -- at least, not yet known -- which can counter act the dark energy. This suggests that the expansion will go on forever. To my understanding, this is not a closed system.

If the Multi-verse theory should prove valid -- our entire Universe is just a sub-system and even less a closed system. The Multi-verse theory is consistent with the manner in which our Universe is expanding.

Nothing about any of this requires a super-natural element. By definition, if something is real -- it is part of the natural order.


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