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God told me to do it - 2

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"God Chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career." Alan Iverson on Twitter, 9 September 2009

 It looks like God was busy on 9/9/9. There really must be something mystical about the number. Not only was He organizing a plane hijacking, He was also taking responsibility for the career of veteran basketball player, Alan Iverson. I didn't even know God was an NBA fan, I thought He was strictly NFL.

Strangely, even with God on his side, Iverson could only get a one year contract. And that from a team which over its history has won less than one game in three. Perhaps Iverson should have checked with Satan to try and get a better deal.

But if I had to choose between just two options, I'd take a God who hired himself out as an agent for professional athletes over one who tells people to hijack planes and who otherwise threatens human life.

But over both those options, I'd choose a world where people took full personal responsibility for their decisions, and not credit / blame their God.