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Discussion 4 to Meditation 786
I will take the necessary precautions

by: Peter A. Gersten

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JT wrote: "Having published his rationale, there is a risk he will inspire other deluded fools to join him."

I work best alone. And since "deluded fools" make poor rock climbers I doubt they can make it to the top of Bell Rock.  And if you really believe this to be true then why help "spread the word?" What public interest are you serving?

"Well-meaning individuals might put their own lives at risk in trying to prevent him from jumping."

It is not my intention to put anyone's life at risk and I will take the necessary precautions to insure that.

"By jumping from a high place, he puts the lives of those who might be below at risk."

If you were familiar with Bell Rock - or simply took a look at the photo you included - you would realize that cannot happen.

"The act may very well traumatize any incidental witnesses."

What is an "incidental witness?" I guess in a universe of all possibilities it is possible that someone there will be "incidental" but in my story everyone there will have been invited. I suggest you review my web site and not something I had written years ago for the current version.

"Depending on where his body ends up, he may put at risk the lives of those responsible for recovering his remains. And, particularly as this is a well-visited tourist attraction, someone will have to clear up the mess."

No need to be concerned. I also have those details covered.