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Discussion 3 to Meditation 786
Belief in a 2012 Apocalypse can make you crazy II

by: JT

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On the James Randi Educational Foundation site, there's an interesting article by Randi entitled:

Why Do We So Devotedly Insist On Believing In Nonsense?

As a closing example of believing in nonsense, he points out the strange case of Peter Gersten who is going to jump off Bell Rock at Sedona, Arizona on 21 December 2012 believing a cosmic portal will open there.[1] Gersten explains the logic behind his decision here:

A LEAP OF FAITH – 11 11 21 12 2012

Bell Rock, Sedona

He opens his conclusion with "Most of you will think that I am delusional and that my insane act will certainly result in my death."

Yes I agree he is delusional, and the only question is whether the 2012 mystical nonsense has caused his delusion, or his delusions have caused him to accept the 2012 nonsense. But will he die? As this is now public knowledge, and in view of the negative publicity from previous deaths at Sedona, it is possible that local authorities will have to waste tax dollars in protecting this fool from himself.[2 - a note on suicide]

But, as I've pointed out several times, and I'm using the example of Gersten to make the point again:

Apocalyptic beliefs are not harmless, they are dangerous. They are dangerous to those who hold the beliefs; they are dangerous to those around them.

Such beliefs must be exposed for the nonsense they are.



  1. Star Trek Generations fans know that if any cosmic portal is going to open, it will be at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, and it will be necessary to build a bridge to reach up to it.
  2. In theory, I should not object to this individual killing himself. It's his body and his life. But it is not just his own life he is playing with. there are the lives of others to consider:
    1. Having published his rationale, there is a risk he will inspire other deluded fools to join him.
    2. Well-meaning individuals might put their own lives at risk in trying to prevent him from jumping.
    3. By jumping from a high place, he puts the lives of those who might be below at risk.
    4. The act may very well traumatize any incidental witnesses.
    5. Depending on where his body ends up, he may put at risk the lives of those responsible for recovering his remains.
    6. And, particularly as this is a well-visited tourist attraction, someone will have to clear up the mess.