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Discussion 1 to Meditation 786
Belief in a 2012 Apocalypse can make you crazy

Or maybe it just makes the pre-existing craziness come out.

by: JT

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Perhaps you wonder why I write about The Secret and 2012. They may be stupid ideas, but they are harmless, right?

Well, no. Over the past couple of weeks, in A Miscellany 227 and the following discussion I pointed out how blindly following those who push The Secret nonsense can get you killed. And now, with the Balloon Boy saga, we see how belief the world will end in 2012 makes at least some people act out their craziness. (And as we get closer, expect more craziness.)

Richard Heene, father of the balloon boy and presumably the author of the entire hoax apparently believes the sun will explode in 2012.[1] He thinks that by getting a television "reality" show contract for himself and his family, he will get enough money to build a bunker in which to shelter from the sun's explosion.

Very probably Richard Heene would still be a publicity seeking fool looking for another reality show contract even if he did not buy into the 2012 nonsense, but without that belief, perhaps he would not feel financially pressured into idiotic stunts like the balloon boy hoax.

Belief in 2012, just like belief in The Secret, or belief in any other supernatural / religious mumbo-jumbo can be bad for your health and for those around you.

And now a special message for Richard Heene:

Richard - you live in Colorado. There are hundreds if not thousands of abandoned mines in your state. You don't need money for a bunker. You can get much much deeper underground in an old mine for free. And in the unlikely event the sun explodes, instead of being vaporized instantly and painlessly like the rest of us, you together with your family will boil to death very painfully over a couple of minutes. Good plan, Richard! But remember, the sun stands about the same chance of exploding tomorrow as it does on any given day in 2012. Maybe you shouldn't wait for a reality show before you go hide down that mineshaft.



  1. For another take on 2012 and Balloon Boy, see Conspiracy Corner at E-Online: Ancient Mayans Foretold 2012—and Balloon Boy!