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Meditation 783
1984 comes to West Bend

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Apparently there is currently a controversy in West Bend, Wisconsin about whether a book in the library should be placed in the youth section or not. The book in question "Baby Be-bop" is at least in part about a gay teen coming of age.

Ultimately, it should the parents' responsibility to discuss with their own children what is approriate for them. But, if classifications are going to be made by librarians (and that is their job) in a public library, then I think it is fair to discuss and debate these issues. As long, that is, as it remains a debate over classifying the book as "youth" or "adult."

But simply reclassifying enough for some people. (And the religious orientation of these people is why this incident is even mentioned on this site.) From Salon.com

...an outfit called the Christian Civil Liberties Union has gotten in on the act, suing the library for, according to the West Bend Daily News, "damaging" the "mental and emotional well-being" of several individuals by displaying "Baby Be-Bop" in the library... They want the library's copy not only removed but publicly burned.

A so-called "Civil Liberties Union" advocating book burning. How Orwellian! What do these Christians think "civil liberties" means? It certainly does not mean the right to impose your views on others. And it does not mean book burning.

Book burning