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Meditation 776
Christian(?) Pastor Praying for the Death of the US President?

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Six years ago, I wrote about Pat Robertson callously calling for his followers to join him in praying for God to create vacancies on the US Supreme Court.

And now another leading American lunatic Christian pastor is praying for the death of the current president.

Wiley Drake, a former vice-president of the Southern Baptists, US vice-presidential candidate in 2008 on the America's Independent Party ticket, and pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, CA, and a radio talk-show host was interviewed by Alan Colmes on Fox News Radio.

He was questioned if he had indeed prayed for the death of George Tiller (recently murdered (while in church, no less) for compassionately conducting legal and medically necessary late-term abortions.)

Imprecatory prayer is agreeing with God, and if people don’t like that, they need to talk to God, God said it, I didn’t. I was just agreeing with God.”

When Colmes asked if there are others for whom Drake is praying “imprecatory prayer,” Drake answered that there are several. “The usurper that is in the White House is one, B. Hussein Obama,”

Colmes returned to Drake’s answer to make sure he heard him correctly.

“Are you praying for his death?”

“Yes,” Drake replied.

“So you’re praying for the death of the president of the United States?”

“Yes” was Drake's answer

Colmes asked Drake if he was concerned that by saying that he might be placed on a Secret Service or FBI watch list, and if he believed it appropriate to talk or pray that way.

“I think it’s appropriate to pray the Word of God,” Drake said. “I’m not saying anything. What I am doing is repeating what God is saying, and if that puts me on somebody’s list, then I’ll just have to be on their list.”

Again from Colmes: “You would like for the president of the United States to die?”

“If he does not turn to God and does not turn his life around, I am asking God to enforce imprecatory prayers that are throughout the Scripture that would cause him death, that’s correct.”

I'm guessing these imprecatory prayers for the death of the US President must be contained in the American Patriot's Bible referred to in Meditation 774. They are not in my copy of the Bible, anyway.

And no doubt this morally deficient clown regularly preaches the mantra of "God is Love" from his pulpit.