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Meditation 754

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Back in November of 2000, I was asked "how can I un-baptise myself." My view, expressed in Meditation 19, now reclassified as Ask the Patriarch 41, was that it is not really necessary to do anything, particularly if you were baptised as a child. The personal decision that you don't believe anymore should be sufficient.

That is still my view. But, I found thanks to a BBC news item that as many as 100,000 Britons feel differently. That's how many who have downloaded a Certificate of Debaptism from Britain's National Secular Society. The evidence is in - regardless of what I feel, many people seem to have a need to be unbaptised.

The free download does not seem to be available anymore, but you can buy the document inexpensively from the National Secular Society if you wish (Mail delivery).

For the benefit of those who do not wish to pay the token fee that the NSS is now charging, I have prepared two forms of an Unbaptismal Certificate, one for those baptised as a child, and one for those baptised as an adult. Simply download the appropriate form, fill in the details, sign it and have a friend witness it, then hang it on your wall.

Unbaptismal Certificate: Baptism as a child

jpg format < - > pdf format

Unbaptismal Certificate: Baptism as an adult

jpg format < - > pdf format

New: Automated Process

Enter your name and your preferred form, then print and sign.

Unbaptismal Form Request

Baptism is a Christian rite. I will develop equivalent documents for other religions if someone knowledgeable is prepared to advise me of appropriate wording.

Please note: It is not an oversight that the Apathetic Agnostic Church is not mentioned on the certificates. I don't want this document which releases people from the clutches of one organization to imply they have been dragooned into another one. Signing up for something else should be a separate decision.



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