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Discussion 1 to Meditation 749
Yes, it really really costs a lot

by: JT

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I noted in Meditation 749 that on one of Scientology's own sites, the cost of Scientology was compared to the cost of a four year university education.

Earlier this week, the French branch of the Church of Scientology was convicted of "organized fraud" and fined 600,000 Euros (nearly a million dollars.)

One of the plaintiffs, Aude-Claire Malton told the court that the Church of Scientology had pressured her into spending 30,000 Euros (about $50,000) on their courses in just four months, and then tried to get her to borrow more. She testified "They cleaned me out, demolished me. It's mental manipulation."

Previously in France, there have been several similar cases, but directed only against individuals in the church. This time they went after the organization. And there are several more cases pending.

But 30,000 Euros in a mere four months. It looks like comparing the cost of belonging to Scientology to a four year university education is a gross understatement.


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