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Meditation 746
Bastardization of Darwin… on his birthday.

by: Justin

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            I was on a business trip last 2 weeks in Texas and I read an interesting article in the paper about Darwin on his birthday. First let me say that I think he was a brilliant man. To think outside the box against much opposition and uncover an idea as revolutionary as evolution is something not many could do. So I am reading this article and there are some strong footed Christian socialites that are denouncing him and what he discovered. After they argue about how there is no proof evolution exists, they begin to attack his credibility. “We’re not out to bash Darwin . He wasn’t a God-hater out to destroy Christianity” says Tommy Mitchell of the Creation Museum in Petersburg , Ky. Now, I won’t even begin to discuss the fallacy of “The Science of Creationism” The two words don’t belong in the same paragraph…….but I digress.

            Mitchell goes on to say in defense of Creationism and anti-Darwinians, “We would argue his ( Darwin ’s) observations hang on a bad starting point. He just never had a biblical worldview, and that led him to his conclusions.”

            Okay, now does anyone else see the fallacy in that statement? He said that Darwin ’s non-religious standpoint biased him to falsely discover the truth about the existence of life. I just can’t get over this. The whole premise of Christianity and religion is having blind faith in what you can not prove, so there is no way to ever truly scientifically prove anything. You would have to be a non-believer to discover evolution in the first place. The blind faith would have prevented a Christian from acknowledging it in the first place, regardless of the evidence.

            Lastly, the fact that he made this statement nearly shocked me. I cut the article out and put it with my paperwork, carried it 2000 miles back home, and put writing this article on my list of things to do so everyone else could read about it. I hope it helps someone out there realize that faith in a higher being might be okay, but don’t let it overtake your common sense and ability to make informed decisions. Evolution is about 99% proven by now. The verdict is in, even if you have faith that it isn’t.