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Meditation 745
The Great Divide

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I was looking at a discussion about Facebook's policy of removing posted images of breastfeeding women as they are somehow considered inappropriate.

One woman, arguing that there was nothing wrong with such photographs wrote that "God and evolution had designed women to breastfeed their young." Another responded by going off topic and arguing from biblical literalism in a rather abusive message "you cannot believe in both God and evolution." The first replied politely "well I do believe in both."

This exchange illustrates something I've brought up before - and probably strayed from on occasion - which is that the great divide is not between believers and non-believers. Rather it is between those that want to impose their religious views on others ("you cannot believe in both God and evolution.") and those who are prepared to accept the existence of divergent views.

The former are generally fundamentalists of one kind or another and with whom we have nothing in common, the latter are those who apply intelligent thought. And they tend to be our natural allies, particularly on issues of freedom of and from religion.