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Discussion 1 to Meditation 650
Let people read what they want

by: Manny

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I think Mark Morford's words regarding "The Golden Compass" and the attempts at bans and boycotts are right on the mark. One of the tools in the fundamentalist repertoire, and subsequently one of the biggest weaknesses it has, is that people are being told not to think for themselves and to shut their eyes, ears, and minds to anything that contradicts the beliefs put forth by their "leaders" who are every bit as confused as their followers.

One of the problems I have with friends, family, and coworkers who wish to engage in discussion of belief is that they immediately start to try to shout me down and convince me of the "truth" of their beliefs and to get me to convert to their way of thinking.

I'm not interested in trying to convert anyone, but if asked about my beliefs/non-beliefs I will answer truthfully and would hope that people can just accept it for what it is and not feel so threatened by it all. I don't try to get Christians not to believe, but so very many of them can't seem to extend the same courtesy to people who don't agree with them.

Let people read what they want, watch what they want, and just mind your own business.