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Meditation 633
Is there Sex in Heaven?

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Over the past couple of months, I have noticed several message board threads on whether or not there is sex in heaven. I don't think this is something that many Christians give a lot of thought to, but there seems to be a small minority who do. And those who do think about sex in heaven all seem to adhere to the same opinion: heaven will definitely be a sex-free zone.

The reasons vary, but the outcome is always the same: there is no sex in heaven.

Reading such discussions and the rationale offered, it occurred to me that those who confidently predict that there will be no sex in heaven are those who would prefer there was no sex here on Earth either. They are those that either have no desire for sex, or who have been brought up to see sex as filthy, the type of individuals who in an earlier age would have retreated to a monastery or nunnery to get away from the pressure to marry and procreate. And these people think their personal vision of heaven is for everyone. They want to impose their personal desires (or lack thereof) on everyone. Of course, they think this is what their God wants.

People claim that there really is an afterlife in which some, if not all of us, will go to heaven. Yet, I have never heard of a vision of heaven which seems to be an attractive place in which to spend eternity. I don't find that the promise of heaven makes Christianity somehow more enticing; rather it detracts from it. And the anti-sex brigade detracts even more from it.

Well, in the unlikely event they are right, we can always hope for sex in hell.