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Meditation 621
The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! (Part 2)
If you had five minutes to live....

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Heaven or HellThis brochure published by something called Olive Branch Ministries arrived in the mail earlier this week.

It tells me I have one lifetime to make a single choice, that choice being between heaven and hell. The brochure provides no rational reason for believing that there is just one choice in life, nor that heaven and hell exist.

The brochure tells me the world is moving towards a nuclear disaster, and provides absolutely no reason for this assertion. It's never mentioned again. This is just a cheap scare tactic.

It says there are three things I should know; inside the brochure, these three things are just passages from the Bible.

It says I have to do something now - which is repent of my sins towards their god, yet the brochure provides me no rational reason for believing in the god of the Olive Branch Ministries.

But let's get to that question about what would be of value if I had five minutes to live. That limited time would be all that there was of value. What I would do with those brief minutes would depend on where I was and with whom. One thing I do know - I would not be wasting a single second of that valuable time getting on my knees and begging for mercy from the malign entity that these people think is going to bring on the end of the world.