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Meditation 620
The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! (Part 1)
What if you're wrong?

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A couple of months ago, an individual joined our yahoo group claiming that he wanted to meet like-minded people. He then proceeded to post the following:

An Urgent End Times Message[1]

The hourglass is nearly empty. The culmination of End Times is upon us and the Great Tribulation is just around the corner. There are a total of TWO things that you need in order to obtain Eternal Life and man-made religion is not one of them. (1) A Good Heart Condition. (2) An Acceptance of Christ as your Lord and Savior.

I banned the individual on the grounds of dishonesty; he would have known there was no possibility of meeting like-minded people in a moderated agnostic discussion group. He replied with a selection of Bible quotations, and suggested that I should consider "What if we're right?"

As the organization to which this person belongs seems to take its guidance from someone or something identified as the "Supreme Cherubic Commander of the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels," I have a real problem with considering the possibility that they are right. They seem to be to be one of the more ludicrous of the various apocalyptic sects I have encountered. Why should I pick their version of End Times to be the right one over any of the multitude of other versions? Particularly as I would have to believe in a Supreme Cherubic Commander of the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels. Why should I pick any version of End Times to follow? It is more probable that they are all wrong than any one of them is right.

What none of these groups preaching that "The sky is falling; the sky is falling..." seem to consider is the possibility that they are wrong.

If I were to add all those who had given up, not their lives, but their careers, their possessions, their families, and their personal freedom in just the past 30 years to follow other apocalyptic cults, the above list would cover many pages.

There are those who like to use Pascal's Wager type arguments to claim that you have nothing to lose by following their set of beliefs. In reality, following an End Times cult is not without cost. It can cost you everything including your life. Being wrong while following an End Times cult can very well mean being dead wrong.