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Meditation 541
The Parable of the Pizza

by: Will Petillo

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I like my beliefs the same way I like my pizza, plain cheese.  This is not because I am too timid for toppings, I was raised on pepperoni and had a fleeting interest during my teenage years in anchovies, it is because I have finally come to the conclusion that none of these are for me. 

I have heard my preferences mocked by some who believe that plain cheese is nothing but a way station for people who cannot decide between pepperoni and Canadian bacon, but I pay these people no heed for I know that plain cheese is as valid a pizza as any other.  Now there are some who claim that pepperoni is the one true pizza, but they are wrong. 

One need only look around the restaurant to see that there are countless toppings to choose from and that for each one, there is someone who claims that their choice is the best.  Besides, even people who staunchly support their style of pizza recognize that to ask for toppings is an act of taste.  Toppings are not pizza, pizza is pizza and pepperoni is a supplement.  Regardless of how tasty some may find them, toppings are not really necessary to make a pizza. 

Bread, sauce, and cheese: these are the ingredients that we know are pizza and for me this is enough—-toppings are just a distraction.