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Meditation 523
Skye Alexander's Predictions for 2006

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As part of her misguided attempt to obtain money from me, Skye Alexander sent me a brochure which contained four predictions under the heading "What Skye Sees Happening in 2006." It's strange that she would wait until mid-August to send her psychic predictions for the current year. However, I must assume that as a psychic, she knew I would publish her predictions and hold her to account.

Here are the predictions and my comments as of late August.

  1. Madonna kicks off a tour of developing countries to draw awareness to global poverty. After a frightening kidnapping plot is exposed, she cuts her trip short, and is rushed back to England. This inspires her to speak out about violence and war, and she becomes a powerful voice for peace.

    Don't confuse this with the current Confessions tour. As yet, there is no sign any part of this prediction will come true.

  2. An unexpected drought in many parts of the world causes a devastating water shortage, and an increase in the demand for bottled water. Millions worldwide march for a renewed commitment to environmental standards on the basics such as air and water. Leaders take heed and begin to hold polluters accountable.

    There are always droughts in one part of the world or another. And there are always demonstrations by environmentalists. And sometimes politicians listen. But still, in all it's vagueness, this prediction is not proving out.

  3. A "lost" book of the Holy Bible will be discovered, incredibly, in Europe. Historians will authenticate it as part of the bounty brought back from the Holy Land by the Knights Templar in the 13th century, and kept secret by the Emperor Napoleon who (though an atheist) believed it had healing powers.

    You might think that the "Gospel of Judas Iscariot" fills the bill. However, it' back story is different. It was found in a cave in Egypt in the 1970s. So far this prediction is a failure.

  4. The melting of permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere uncovers buried towns, sparking renewed interest in other lost civilizations. This intensifies when a team of French explorers discover clues to finding the fabled lost city of Atlantis. Millions around the world track their progress via the Internet.

    It's getting late in the season, and in spite of global warming, temperatures will be dropping in the far North. This is not going to happen. And Atlantis was never "lost." It never existed to be lost.
There's only four months left for Skye's predictions to come true. My own prediction, using absolutely none of my non-existent psychic powers, is that not one of the four predictions will pan out. I'll even go so far as to say, none of the four will prove out next year either.

I do find it exceedingly strange that she would mail out this nonsense as part of a package trying to convince me to pay her for psychic advice.