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Meditation 514
Organic Spirituality 7: Conclusion

by: Gordon Wayne

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The objective of every spiritual tradition is to help us develop our individual strengths and virtues, and to manage our personal weaknesses and vices. We can achieve this through perfectly natural methods, through biological processes that cultivate our strengths and virtues organically rather than through browbeating. With organic spirituality, normal humans are half way without breaking a sweat and decent humans can achieve full organic spirituality through natural means rather than supernatural means.

The beauty of organic spirituality is that it does not require supernatural guidance, intervention, or approval; it does not require anything supernatural, extra natural, hyper natural, meta natural, or anything beyond ordinary human attributes; it does not require spirits, angels, ghosts, goblins, demons, or any other exotic celestial entities; it does not require anything magical, mystical, esoteric, ethereal, or extraordinary; it does not require past live, future lives, after lives, or any lifetime but the present life; it does not require alternate realities, parallel realities, hyper realities, or any other exotic realities that may or may not exist; it does not require special knowledge, perfect knowledge, right knowledge, utopian knowledge, narrowminded knowledge, or egocentric knowledge; it does not require persecuting, punishing, raping, torturing, beheading, killing, slaughtering, massacring, or maiming practitioners of competing religions; it does not require absolute obedience, begging, groveling, beseeching, prostration, or any other gesture expressing submissiveness and subjugation to higher powers whether physical or metaphysical.

Organic spirituality is a perfectly natural human experience, so natural most civilized humans, including most religious people, are already practicing some variation of it. Although many religious people will probably deny it, they too strive for good health, personal safety, social acceptance, personal improvement, and benevolence. The only possible dispute can be over whether human spirituality can be so natural and normal that anybody can practice it without breaking a sweat or jumping through special hoops.