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Meditation 492
Bible Factory Outlet

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Last month, driving south from St Ignace, Michigan, on I75, I noticed signs advertising a Bible Factory Outlet store.

For whatever reason, I found the concept of a Bible Factory amusing, and the idea that a Bible Factory would require an outlet store to dispose of manufacturer's overstocks, seconds, and flawed bibles even funnier. I don't think it would have tickled my funny bone as much if it had been named Bible Publishers Outlet even though bible publishing may be pretty much of a factory operation these days.

Regardless, I had to pull off the highway into the outlet mall to grab a picture. It's located conveniently between a women's fashion outlet and a party products store.

I did not enter the store, so what was on offer can only be left to the imagination. Perhaps items such as:

Probably none of the above, but it is somehow satisfying to know that, for whatever reason, some bibles have to be remaindered.