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Meditation 475
What! No Riots?

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The Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation has recently introduced new beer, Gold Medal King, a beer which is all natural and rice-fortified. And some of their billboard advertising for this new premium product is based on da Vinci's Last Supper.

Is this not blasphemy? Is this not sacrilege?

And yet....

Do we see Christians rioting in the streets?

Do we see Christians threatening executives of the beer company with burning at the stake?

Do we see Christians demanding apologies from the Taiwanese government?

Do we see Christians burning Taiwanese embassies or their trade missions?

Do we see boycotts of Taiwanese products being organized?

Do we see Christians attacking people of Asian appearance in the streets just because they might be Taiwanese?

Don't Christians care? So far, there has not even been one "I am deeply offended...." letter to the editor of the newspaper that published the above billboard.

A couple of hundred years ago, things might have been different. But today, even though many Christians would consider this billboard offensive, they realize that it does not challenge their personal faith. They might not like it, but they can tolerate it.

There is a lot of criticism of Christians and Christianity on this site, and I expect there will be more in the future. That's because I live in a society where most believers are Christian, many of whom would like to see their idea of Christian values imposed on everyone. But I would far sooner live in this society than one dominated by Islam.