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Meditation 467
Thoughts on God

by: Marc McClure

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I was sitting in a restaurant last night with a couple of my friends, and a big debate started between two of them which was basically Creationism vs. Evolution. I will admit, I have fun in these debates because having a Catholic mother and an Agnostic father, I am able to look at both sides openly. But I ultimately knew the outcome of the discussion: there wouldn’t be one. Until the day God comes down and it is made known that God exists, no one will ever know.

I am unsure about the existence of God, and I intend to stay that way, but I do believe that any form of organized religion is B.S. To think that a higher being would create a lower being to follow rules and follow a “Punishment-Reward” system is just entirely insane in my eyes. And if that is really the case, I want no part of it.

If God is all knowing, wouldn’t our sins be predetermined? Wouldn’t that render free will meaningless? If God is so loving and forgiving, why do I see so many of my Christian friends beating themselves up over little mistakes? If God is so loving, why would he so easily cast people into hell?

My friend that was taking the side of Creationism brought up the Abraham sacrificing his son story. He described it as God testing Abraham's faith. First of all, why would such a loving God do something so cruel to one of his children? Second of all, if Abraham were to do it, he would be going against his faith, if he weren’t to do it, he would be disobeying his Creator. What is a human being to do in this situation??

I firmly believe that someone along the line exploited the idea of God to conform people. I will say again I HAVE NO FIRM DISBELIEF IN GOD, just how God has come to be portrayed. I compare most organized religion to conditioning a child, except you need to take it to a level that even the most intelligent mind cannot grasp. You fear what you do not understand. And if people aren’t conditioned to fear something higher then themselves, well there would be complete chaos, like we were ANIMALS or something. Then I was told, “I don’t fear God, God loves me and is forgiving”. Then why are you so concerned with following these rules? Because you might go to hell? That sure sounds like fear to me.

I have not come across one Agnostic on here bashing God, but simply open to the suggestion that there is no God, because in all reality it IS a possibility. BUT, I have seen a lot of Creationists replying in Talk Back basically calling everyone idiots because they don’t believe in God. You have no proof that God exists, merely faith, and its called faith for a reason, it’s not known fact.

Now back to the conditioning thing. People are brought up different ways. Take for example my situation with my parents like I stated above. Because of that situation, I am able to look at both sides of things. But suppose that someone has been told since the beginning of there life “If you’re bad you go to hell, if you’re good you go to heaven.” Do you get where I’m going with this? Everything you “know” has been told to you by the people you love and you feel are the closest to you, not by God. Or, something happened in your life where you felt so low that you needed the reassurance that something or someone will always be there for you. Just because that’s what makes you happy, what makes you feel complete, doesn’t mean it will for everyone else. And it doesn’t mean you are right or any better than anyone.

Mankind has always searched for one thing: The absolute truth, but people have different ideas of what the truth is. Maybe, just maybe, absolute truth is respecting and understanding others’ truths. I mean, look at how much violence, how many wars there have been because of a strong belief in something we’re not sure that exists. We need to learn to respect, understand, and love each other. Isn’t that what God wants?