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Meditation 461
"Spooky" Modern Science: Does It Prove There's A God?

by: Dan Shanefield

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Some of the physical principles believed by modern scientists are really quite "spooky" --- just as much so as a lot of religious concepts such as the "soul," or various "miraculous" stories in the Bible. These spooky things really seem to be "true," because they are now being used every day, in the Nano iPod, and in memory sticks, and in "smart" credit cards that you can use in the for parking meters downtown. (If the principles were not "true," then those devices wouldn't work. But I use these things every day.)

For example, those devices that I just mentioned all depend on the the "tunnel effect" in the EEPROM chip, wherein an electron has to disappear on one side of an insulator, and instantly reappear some distance away, without ever being in the space in between. You can read more about this in my little essay, at SMART CARD.

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Another example, even spookier, is "entanglement," wherein there are two possible paths that an electron (or photon) can follow, and if you "observe" one of them with a sensor of some kind, the other path becomes impossible and disappears. This is true even if the electron has ALREADY started along the path --- it's almost as if you are reversing time, going back to the time before the path was being followed. You can read more about this at ENTANGLEMENT. This is being used by the Government to keep spies from observing our secret messages in fiber optic cables, although it's still somewhat experimental. Anyhow, it does work, so I believe it is actually "true."

But does any of this prove that God exists or doesn't? In my own opinion, I don't think so, and I am still an agnostic. They could be true if we did have a God or Gods or Goddesses, or without any. About all they do is make some people think that some "supernatural" stuff might be true.

However, experiments and useful products do depend on science, and you can test them any time. I can't say the same about any religions or other supernatural beliefs.

(In fact, when I did test one of those a long time ago, it didn't work at all, as reported in my little story at Prayer's Result: Wet My Pants, although that was only one experiment, albeit a humorous one).