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Meditation 423
A letter to Jerry Falwell

from A Concerned Christian

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Dr. Falwell:

I have been impressed with your efforts this year through your "Friend or Foe" Campaign to keep Christ in Christmas. But I question whether this is enough.

The 25th of December is only one day of the year. If you reflect on the matter, you will realize that every day of the week is dedicated to a pagan deity, the Sun, the Moon, Tiw - God of war, Woden - the chief Germanic God, Thor - God of thunder, Frigga - Goddess of Heaven, and Saturn - God of agriculture. Even if you win your battle, as you will, over what you justly term the Secular Grinches, Christmas will still always fall on a day of the week whose name honors one of these pagan gods.

How can we hold our children fast to the one true God when every one of the days of their lives is dedicated by name to a heathen God? Even the Lord's Day which should belong to the Son is dedicated to the ancient Sun God. Surely the exposure to the knowledge that some of our ancestors mistakenly worshipped other Gods leads our children into polytheism; and that, of course, leads to questioning the reality of all gods and a consequent descent into the evils of agnosticism and atheism.

Of course, the names of certain of the months have exactly the same problem, two of them even honoring men who had the audacity to proclaim themselves Gods. Yet we continue to use those names. What a slap in the face of our one and only God!

I do not have to remind a Christian scholar such as you of the first commandment. Every time we use the calendar, we breach it. We owe it to our unborn great-grandchildren to change this so they will not be brought up unconsciously acknowledging barbaric heathen Gods. How can we claim to be a Christian nation when we continue to recognize these pagan deities?

I beseech you, Dr. Falwell to take up this fight and use your influence with Congress to abandon these heathen names for the days of the week and the months of the year. Let us return to the names given by God to Adam a little over six thousand years ago. Alternatively, introduce new names recognizing our country's true Christian heritage.

Yours sincerely

Wilson Harding IV