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Discussion 1 to Meditation 410
Excellent points

by syrinxfox

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You bring up excellent points that we all often tend to overlook when we get mixed up in the madness.

We tend to jump to the conclusion that they are threatening our very way of life, at either end of the spectrum.

I think this reaction come about mainly by how these issues are approached by the general public. The more reasonable will listen, (whether or not they agree), and the ignorant will spread panic.

We've got a lot of panic going around at both ends. When you threaten one's beliefs, you threaten their very core being. I guess it's the same as a physical attack where your first instinct is to wildly defend and think about it later if you survive.

The silly thing is, we are all doing the same things, no matter what you believe or don't believe. We get so wild that we can't think and then all we are left to do is blame and use every excuse we can come up with to justify it.

I think the main problem lies with the extremists at all ends. They are the ones who will shout the loudest because if you are willing to listen and understand, you aren't shouting.

Unfortunately, no one has come up with a good way to get everyone to calm down and relax. Especially in more democratic governments, where you actually HAVE the freedom to think whatever it is you want.

It's easier to get sucked into the gossip, rumors and lies than it is to possibly admit to your self that you could possibly be wrong. I'm as guilty as anyone.

If more people would approach things in the calm and intelligent matter you have, then we wouldn't have a problem, period.

SO I guess the world has reduced it's self to a bunch of fourth grade bullies on the playground. But unfortunately some of us get trampled along the way.