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Meditation 406
How stupid to they think we are?

by syrinxfox

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"It will be an attraction to have those and share the story that, from our position and opinion, dinosaurs did not live 65 million years ago," he said, referring to many creationists' belief in a biblical Earth age of less than 10,000 years. It is important to many creationists that man and dinosaur lived simultaneously because they believe there was no death in the world until Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. If the Genesis story is false, they say, then there would be no need for Jesus Christ to redeem the sins of the world.

Thus, at the Museum of Earth History, Genesis dictates gentle, vegetarian dinosaurs sharing Eden with Adam and Eve, whose vaguely Polynesian appearance represents all races, according to a guide. Another exhibit confirms that dinosaurs, like all land creatures created on Day 6, were on Noah's Ark. The exhibit maintains that the ark could accommodate them because it was huge--450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high--and only smaller, adolescent dinosaurs were put on board.

Such literal interpretation is essential, Sharp said, because "if we lose Genesis as a legitimate scientific and historical explanation for man, then we lose the validity of Christianity. Period." (emphasis added)

This came from an article in the Chicago Tribune on Science museums that are making "creationist" displays for the origin of life.


First of all; the earth could not handle the amount of creatures it had on it for the past 4 billion years in a span of about 10,000. It is physically impossible!

Second; if man and dinosaur lived together, why are the fossil layers of when dinosaurs existed and when humans started nowhere near each other? There should be evidence of human remains through every fossil layer from the beginning if that was the case. And anything that would have caused the dinosaurs to go extinct would have caused humans to go extinct.

Third; considering, again, how many species that are on this earth and the fact that many of them like to eat each other, it is physically impossible to load all of them onto a boat no matter how big you made it. In addition, you'd have to take with you enough fresh water and food for all the species present. With no refrigeration I don't se how you could last a single day let alone 40. An oil tanker wouldn't be able to hold 40 days worth of water for all these creatures.

Also, considering Noah and his wife along with their six sons and their wives would be the only remaining humans in this world, we would all have to come from their incestuous reproduction. It would be literally impossible for the earth to go from 14 people to 11 billion in the span of only 10,000 years. Mice, perhaps could, but as for people, people, no way.. Plus with all that inbreeding, by the time you go to the 10th generation, there would be so much congenital disorder and sterility that you could not create a population. Same with all the animals on the ark. (assuming they were all fertile to begin with, how you going to make sure of THAT one?)

There was an item in news a few years ago about how they fear the cheetah will become extinct because the gene pool is so small that they are basically inbreeding with disastrous results?

Look at what 10-25,000 tears of breeding wolves into dogs has brought us; hip dysplasia, IVDD, soft palette resections, tracheostomies on pugs, Von Willebrand’s Disease, congenital cardiomyopathy, wobbler's syndrome, epilepsy, retinal degeneration, Aberrant cilia, Abnormal copper metabolism, peripheral sensory neuropathy, Bithoracic ectromelia, Cell-mediated immunodeficiency just to name a few. And the list goes on and on and on and on.

God didn't suddenly "change" the rules. It was not be OK to inbreed at one time and not at another.

I think they've killed their own argument. Now if they'd just listen to what they are saying.... Creationism and "intelligent design" are so flawed in and of themselves that they don't even need scientific proof to tear them apart.