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Meditation 400a
Pat Robertson: Hypocrite

Some additional thoughts

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Pat Robertson wants his country to take firm action opposing Venezuelan government policies:

- his comments have forced the US State Department to issue a grovelling statement that no assassination is contemplated.

There is a latent anti-Americanism throughout Latin America:

- Robertson has reignited this and made it more likely that other countries in the region will become more anti-American, and less likely that Venezuela will moderate its policies.

Evangelical Christianity is the fastest growing form of religion in Latin America:

- Robertson has put the lives of American missionaries in Latin America, and particularly in Venezuela at risk.

Pat Robertson has been one of the leaders of the so-called "moral majority:

- Robertson has shown himself to be a moral moron.

Pat Robertson likes to consider himself a major influence on the Bush administration:

- every thinking person (there are a few) in the administration will be distancing themselves as far as possible from Robertson.

Robertson has mouthed off foolishly in the past and learnt nothing from the experience:

- Robertson will learn nothing from this either.

We were recently asked the question about how to teach morality without religion. Perhaps, when we consider the antics of various televangelists, the question should be whether morality can be taught with religion.