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Meditation 394
Put your trust in fate? or God?

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I occasionally look at Billy Graham's column, My Answer. Last Sunday[1], someone questioned why a Christian friend did not like to use words like "luck" or "lucky."

Graham replied, in part:

...Christians don't believe their lives are ruled by luck or chance. They believe God is in control.

... Or, we may decide we are ruled by fate and have no control over our destiny.

... Don't trust "luck" to give you happiness. Instead, turn to Christ and put your future in His hands.

The choice presented is either to trust fate or to trust God. There are no other options.

Where is the personal responsibility? Other than supposedly choosing between fate or Christ, where is the recognition that the individual is responsible for his or her own life?

Last year, I watched an interview with a professional football player who was about to play his last game. Asked about his future plans, he said that he had trained to be a Christian minister and that he would be pursuing that calling. When asked where he would conduct his ministry, he replied he had no idea, but that God would let him know. Seemingly, he would take whatever popped into his mind the next morning as a direction from God, and proceed unprepared.

To trust fate with your future is irresponsible. To trust God is equally irresponsible. Either way, it is an abdication of your own personal responsibility.

We have free will. In the unlikely event it came from a deity, that free will is still there to be used. We are responsible to use that free will, whatever its source.

Put your trust in yourself. It's your life. If there is a God, it's probably what she wants.


  1. My Answer by Billy Graham, The Calgary Sun, August 7, 2005 p 38