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Meditation 388
Israeli Death Curse (Pulsa Denura)

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Last Friday, a group of Israeli ultranationalists, led by Rabbi Yossef Dayan, conducted a pulsa denura aimed at Ariel Sharon. This is a medieval ritual intended to place a death curse on Sharon.

Dayan previously placed the same curse on Yitzak Rabin who was subsequently assassinated.

The excuse for the ritual in both cases is the same. Both men, previously militant, took a few small steps on the road to peace.

Dayan claims this is not a call for assassination this time, but a request that God personally intervene to bring about Sharon's death. Apparently, security around the Israeli Prime Minister is too tight for a human to penetrate even with divine assistance.

As if to emphasize the evil nature of the ceremony, Rabbi Dayan conducted the pulsa denura on the grave of Shlmo Ben-Yosef, a Zionist who was hanged for murder in 1938 for firing on a busload of Palestinians.

Two years ago, I wrote about Pat Robertson praying to his Christian God to bring about vacancies on the US Supreme Court. A few days ago, I wrote about the use by fundamentalist imams of the God of Islam to support suicide bombers. Now we see the Jewish God is being told to kill Ariel Sharon. Evil men calling for evil acts from a purportedly perfectly good deity.

And supposedly the move from polytheism to monotheism reflects an advance in civilization.

If there is a god, what does this entity think of the evil conducted in its name?