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Discussion 1 to Meditation 371
Evidential consistency

by Eduardo Carrión Letort

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Dear Andrew:

You disconcert me. First you say that “I need scientific evidence that someone existed (which is probably why I’m not Christian nor do I believe in any faith because I just see it as a form of intelligent and heartwarming fiction to make those in the world feel like they have nothing to fear).”

Then you say “And true, everyone dies at some point, and once we die, I assume our souls go somewhere. Heaven? Hell? Does it matter?”

What’s going on here? You no longer need scientific proof about your supposed soul’s immortality?

As far as the evidence (or lack off) we have now, when we die, we are destroyed. No such thing as a soul seems to survive, How could it? The brain, where memories are stored, were consciousness operates, turns into dust.